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Jul 22 , 2019

CSG Establishes First Digital Power Grid Research Institute

Guangzhou - As a high-technology enterprise focused squarely on intelligent, digital and information-based development, senior managers of the CSG Digital Power Grid Research Institute Co., Ltd. (DGRI), have but one mission … to speed up the construction of the smart grid which will serve as the backbone for the production and operation, management and development of China Southern Power Grid .

The byword of this bold new progressive direction for China Southern Power Grid is digitization … pushing towards the overall strategic transformation of the Company as DGRI is the tip of the spear in the construction of the smart grid and digital CSG.

DGRI duties including the construction of the smart grid and digital CSG which includes, but not limited to:

· Conducting research on the digital economy and intelligent enterprises

· Building and operating digital foundation platforms

· Big data platform and applications

· Constructing and maintaining information-based management and communication networks

· Undertaking the construction and operation of IoT, and

· Developing AI applications and CSG chips

In today’s fast paced world, new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile internet and artificial intelligence rapidly rise and are integrated into the whole, forming an important impetus for social change.

CSG senior managers are keenly aware of these “signs of the times” and directs this important digital transformation including revising its organizational structure to manage and market the Company’s complete transformation to a smart grid operator, a value chain coordinator in the energy sector, and an energy ecosystem service provider.

In December 2018, the CSG Big Data Center was launched to unleash the value of data。 This year, Action Plan of Digital Transformation and Construction of Digital CSG (2019) was published, which clearly outlines the construction of the digital China Southern Power Grid and the establishment of DGRI opens a new window into the future。

A new chapter into China Southern Power Grid’s digital transformation has begun!

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